Wednesday, December 7, 2011

yitz grossman

I rarely visit other blogs anymore because I don't have enough time to do it. Unlike before I can spend hours and hours reading and visiting blogs then if I like certain posts, I comment on them. Since I am now a mother of two, time is just too short for me yet too many things need to be done. But anyhow, if I really feel like visiting a blog, I would do it just to kill time.

I prefer a blog that could make its audience laugh just like this blog authored by
yitz grossman, I found a post in his blog that cracks me up, he wrote a very funny joke about someone who thinks he is smarter than the cowboy in the ranch while he knows nothing about cows or a herd of sheep. No wonder yitz grossman was named grossman because he truly is a gross man when it comes to jokes!

You must believe me when I say, this entry is funny or not because I only say things that are true. Click on the second link above, read it and you will find out why until now I still can't stop laughing! If you can't get enough of his writings, please yitz grossman's site for more.

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