Monday, December 26, 2011

Filipino-American Christmas Parties

I thought my Christmas was gonna be boring for we usually have Christmas in the USA with our family alone. Although there were some invitations from the past but the location itself is quite far from the house so I wasn't willing to have my husband drive us back and forth only to be at the party. Two Christmas parties I attended just this month and each party was a blast. The first party was in Watauga and we had an exchange gift. I am happy with what I got because it is exactly what I've been thinking to buy for our kitchen.

......shots of my little girl bringing the gift to me and opened it...this was last December 18 in Watauga the first party we went to...

........chadaaaaaaaaaaaa and here's what's in the box, a decorative candle holder, there's 2 of them actually which I so love!
........and the last photo is of me and my baby and Selina also a blogger..
Here are some photos of us on Christmas eve, a different group of Filipinas just three blocks away from our home...

.......December 24, 2011 photos

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