Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby #2 And Grandma Jean's 1st Meeting

The whole family visited Jean, my FIL's girlfriend in San Antonio last Monday until Wednesday of this week. We are glad we got to see her once again after 8 months. It was baby M and Jean's first meeting together, and guess what? It made her Christmas! She was just so happy to have us in her place. She is like a family to us and us to her. Imagine she hasn't seen nor visited by her own sons in 30 years!

When we bade goodbye to her after the third day, we got her teary-eyed. Poor old woman, she had nobody, not a single blood family visited her on Christmas...nobody but US!

...... photos above and below show of our arrival to her place on Dec.26,2011..

..... photo above is of the grandma and my Princess at the AFV1 lobby
...... lunch with Grandma Jean before heading back home! December 28,2011

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