Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Budget Hosting

A friend of mine keep asking me how to start a blog and make money from it. I told her to start on free hosting sites first and then eventually when she will be able to afford to buy a for her website, she can buy it. But for now, she needs to start writing personal entries. Three months at the most, she can then submit it to paid blogging sites. I don't know if she has started creating a blog yet but one thing is for sure, she will have my help if she needs me.

The problem of this girl is that, she hasn't started anything yet, she is so concerned of the expense it costs her if she is to buy her own hosting for her site. I told her she will have a lot of options, she is just patient enough to find that hosting, she can find it. Webhosting geeks has options for her to look at but before that she needs to be consistent in writing personal entries on her blog because that is one of the requirements in order to qualify for paid blogging someday.

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