Friday, December 9, 2011

Gadgets On Their Wishlist

People on my Facebook list are jotting down their wishes on their walls. Many are wishing to have the latest gadgets and electronics you can find possible in the market. While that can be good to someone who receive the gift, it might be too much for the person who is going to make someone's wish come true this Christmas.

For those who haven't done their Christmas shopping yet and are planning of buying electronics or high technology gadgets, here are coupons for you that you can use in order to save bucks. Coupons like Think Geek coupons, Dell coupon and ThinkGeek promo code to be entered during checkout. Just don't forget to save yourself some money. We know, Christmas time is also the time your pocket gets broke.

As for us here, I already got what I wanted to have this year, new purses, winter boots and a new laptop computer so I am good. I also shopped some educational toys for my little girls online just moments ago. I paid almost a hundred bucks for it but surely the husband wouldn't mind as the toys are educational and they are for his kids. I wished I had coupons to use for those toys because it pains me knowing that I paid so much money on something that will eventually being outgrown with. Anyway, the shopping is done so my mind is at ease now knowing that they can have some presents under the tree soon.

1 comment:

Laikka said...

weee... this is a nice tips Anne..thanks for sharing! Yap my one an only wish on the list really a gadget..hehhe know;)good day!


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