Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gives Beauty To The Window

I am a woman who loves flowers and plants. In fact, I have my own backyard garden, two big round plant beds in our front yard and a few potted plants. I admired how beautiful the plants and flowers are when in bloom that is why I had to make my own plant beds where I can grow different flowering plants in Spring.

Since we are getting into Winter season, my poor plants died and all turned brown and really dead except for the knockout roses! I love them, they are not affected by freezing temperature instead they still give me pretty blooms. Next year I will try to put more plants in my beds to close the gap of each stems of my plants and make it more beautiful.

Another thing I want to do is put window box planters on the East part of the house where it looks so boring there since my husband doesn't want anything planted on the ground on that side there. Now that I found a way on how to give our windows looking great from the street, might as well start looking around for window flower boxes or window plant boxes and see if I can find the right size, color and style I want online.

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