Thursday, December 1, 2011

Medical Courses

If I were given a chance to go back to school, I would probably choose a career in medical field simply because people get sick and they get old. This would mean different medical jobs are open to help attending patients with different illnesses. Lucky are those who already found their way to achieve their medical career like nursing aids, doctors, dental assistant/hygienists, physician assistants, registered nurses etc. In the U.S some of these medical jobs are projected to have a 33-36% increase in job growth between 2008 and 2018.

With these being said, those people who hope to work in the healthcare-related jobs in the future, there is a great way for them to be happy of their chosen career that don't require going to a med school that is according to the article I read on Yahoo this morning.

In the UK, doctors who wish to further their career or those who want to teach, they can very well do what their heart wished to do in imparting their knowledge to other people by taking these different courses offered by Oxford Medical. Some of these courses are teach the teacher course (aka train the trainer course) for doctors. Small group courses to give you formal training in how to teach, medical teaching course aimed at giving formal medical education training to doctors to help improve their teaching skills and styles, medical management course  and consultant interview course.

If interested to know more about Oxford Medical courses or services they offer, it would be best if you visit their website yourself and explore or find out more about their interview training, management training, teaching courses and career development.

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