Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Beauty Of Fall

This is what I love most around this time of the year because this is when our surroundings turn very colorful and lovely. There is no need to go someplace just to see beautiful scenery. In this neighborhood alone, you can take pretty good photos of the colorful leaves of trees by the pond. It is just so close to our home that I find it easy to get there with my kids on foot.

It is just a small pond with in this village yet there plenty of things to look at, colorful trees, lots of floating ducks on the water and some big birds on the tree. We can also feed the ducks and turtles if we want to, we only need to bring some dry dog food or bird seeds and voila! My kids will have their happy times at the pond. Photos were taken by me personally on December 9,2011.

....... first photo is the road going to the pond. Actually the pond is right behind that orange tree where my girls are standing under it.
..... the entrance to the pond, looks like a mini park here but it is actually a backyard of our neighbor...
........ here's the bridge that connects the small piece of land close to the pond and the main land...soooooo pretty are the fallen leaves and the surrounding trees. love love love it!
..... more photos of the pond...

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