Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ready For School

Last night we talked about sending our first born to school next school year. I don't like the idea my child going to school because that only means she is no longer a baby. There is nothing I can do but send her to school for her to learn and be able to socialize with other kids. When Jadyn heard about school she got so excited for she can ride a school bus that will bring her to school. And then when in school, she will see lots of kids and a teacher.

As the conversation went on, she then asked me, mommy am I going to have my own locker? I said what? I was very surprised upon hearing her question for how did she know anything about lockers? I asked her where she learned about it and she said, on t.v. She even said, there are big and small lockers, big lockers are for big people and small lockers are for kids! What a smart girl she is. I also told her that yes you right and teachers have their office lockers too! Then she was all happy as the we ended the conversation.

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