Monday, December 26, 2011

Lost In The Dark

I had such a blast during the Filipino-American Christmas party two night ago. It was one of the times that I stayed longer at a party for the venue was just three blocks away from our house. If it was a lot farther away, I could only stay at least four hours because usually my friends hold an event at their place on Sundays. But since I don't drive it is always my husband that drops and picks us off and he has to work Monday so we need to come home early.

Anyhow, I am glad my Filipina neighbor decided to invite me for a Christmas party! I brought with me my two kids, Megan the infant wasn't able to take a nap the whole time we were there because she is not used to being in a large crowd plus we had karaoke and it was loud and noisy. I didn't expect my little one to sleep at all. A friend of mine volunteered to drop Megan home and just come back for some fun, she has a brilliant idea and went home and put the baby to sleep.

It was dark, raining and very cold yet we head back to the party. Even just it is three blocks away we somehow got lost in our very own neighborhood, funny! I must admit, it is hard to locate a house in newer neighborhood today since most of the houses just look all similar plus they do have very small house number in them. If only all houses would choose to have personalized address plaques or do
custom address plaques of their choosing, it would be easy to locate a specific in that neighborhood. There is a company that sells residential address plaques for people. It would be nice if home owners decide to have one so people won't get lost in the dark trying to find their house or address.

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