Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Time Of Giving And Sharing

I am devastated of what happened to CDO and Iligan City. Of all places in the world,why this had to happen in these two cities where they were badly hit by typhoon Sendong. The pictures and videos shared on Facebook is so heartbreaking! I can't help but felt pity to those who died and lost their loved ones. It's just too painful to see.

Christmas is just around the corner, isn't the real meaning of Christmas is giving and sharing? It's the perfect time to show our compassion to fellow Filipinos! Please donate any amount you have, please do so , any amount can help a lot of families. I did my part, donated to two separate groups that collect money through paypal. Now it's your turn. Please send any amount to this paypal address: marquee_29@yahoo.com.


Dear God, bless all people everywhere specially our brothers and sisters who have been affected by typhoon Sendong. Please touch the heart of people who haves to share, that they may feed the hungry and clothe them. Let the homeless find places to live and attain inner peace. May we all live as One and be united in you God. As the Magi travel far just to reach their gifts to you, may we take extra mile just to extend our help to those in need, for this is what was “Christmas” is all about and meant to be, a season of giving, sharing and Love! Dear Lord, also continue to help me, my family and friends in our difficulties. May this Christmas Bring lots of Love and Peace to all of us. Amen!

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