Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shoes Are Women's Bestfriend

It's wintertime and in the weather forecast, there might be some snow today. Great! Looks like we are having a white Christmas this year which is another blessing to be thankful for. Haha funny how I view snow to be a blessing. I should because I love it and here in Texas we can only have snow once or twice a year. I am so ready for snow for I have my boots ready, they are similar to Miz Mooz Bloom but they are not of the same brand.

I love the how the snow can turn the world into when it falls onto the ground. The surroundings will become white as if it is so pure and free from sin. Snow is fun to play with too especially with small kids around. But of course, when there is snow, the temperature can drop low as well so before heading outside, bundle up and wear the right outfit for snow.

If you have an event to attend, don't forget to show off your best attire including wearing stylish and comfortable boots like Miz Mooz Siri or if you are comfortable with regular pump shoes, you can choose to wear your Miz Mooz Felicity. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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