Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Four-Year Old's Dream

My big girl who is four years old broke the record of sleeping in her own bedroom for two nights in a row. I told her daddy to replace or repair the lamp in her bedside table so our girl can just turn it on/off easily without getting up her bed if she needs light which he did. The other night Jadyn just volunteered to sleep in her bedroom without me nagging at her. It was great and so good of her to do that but then at 5 in the morning, she moved to our bed acting scared.

When I woke up at 9, she woke up too telling me why he moved to our bed...because she thought she saw chasing red eyed wolves in the hallway, that's why. I asked her, are you sure it wasn't a dream, Jadyn? That is when she agreed with me that it might just a dream! Last night was her second night and she slept there all through the night until the morning.

When she woke up this morning she uttered, Mommy, I slept in my bedroom! Then I applauded her and said what she did was very good and brave. I know what to do now to keep Jadyn to sleep in her room, I would bring my computer in there and wait until she snores then leave the room and go to bed as well.

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anne said...

maypa si jadyn matulog na siya ug siya lang. Congrats Jady.

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