Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Events Like American Idol Audition

I am a big fan of American Idol. This show is something that I look forward every January because it gives me pure entertainment, I can get to listen to the great voices who are yet to be discovered and most of all I can get to watch Jennifer Lopez on t.v for I admire her so much.

In big events like American Idol audition, a huge crowd is expected to gather in an open space, therefore, coordinators and staff of the event should use a crowd control in order to make it happen as well as organize an orderly control of the crowd and help people stay in lines. Most used during this event are stanchions and
barricades. These are just two of the many crowd control products that they can use. Not only they are used for this specific event but at the banks, for concerts, political events or even at the airport and grocery store as well. 

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