Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Acting Like A "Mommy"

I don't know what's inside of my 4-year old's mind when her baby sister cries or makes baby noise. She would stop her by saying "Baby Megan stop making noise, I'm watching t.v..I can't hear my show!" or shush her by saying "SHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHH SHHHHHHH". When the dog barks near the t.v and she's there sitting on the chair, she would yell at the dog saying "doggy stop barking!, doggyyyyyy stooooppp barking!!!!" which is double the noise you hear when she does that.

Instead of making the noise to stop she'd added to it which for me is annoying at times. Other times, I laugh at her because she is acting like a "mommy", so matured in thinking and determined to really stop the noise around her! What a kid she is!

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