Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye TXU Energy

If my husband didn't talk to me about the comparison of electricity prices we paid between TXU and Reliant Energy I could have not known that he switched from TXU to Reliant since last month. Apparently, the reason why is that we've been paying so much on TXU considering that he is a long time customer. With TXU, we paid 30% more plus 10% during those hot summer days while Reliant energy billed us a much lower amount than of TXU.

Well, I really am not so convinced about Reliant yet because we have not been using a lot of heat this winter because it isn't so cold this year. I would agree with my husband that switching to Reliant was a good idea months from now when it gets very hot and we receive our energy bill. I hope it won't be choking high though. So I bid goodbye TXU. That's what you get if you don't value your old time customers. I wonder how many of their loyal customers from the past have switched too?

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