Thursday, February 9, 2012

Infected With Virus

I regret for viewing Tagalog soap operas on for it has a virus that infected my computer. I heard so many complaints from viewers from the past that sites like these are often have virus in them and that when it hits your computer rest assured you will get infected too yet I did not listen. Instead, I went on and on watching this only soap opera that I am so crazy about. Here's the punishment, this computer I am using right now is so slow and cannot save downloaded graphics. It acted up 2 days ago and I worry what if the virus or malware can harm my files and totally crash my computer?

If only I can buy a dependable malware remover online that won't cost me much, I would be glad to do it. And if this certain software can totally clean my computer without the need of bringing this to a computer shop, I would be very glad!

1 comment:

rona said...

Oh my! I've been there viewing sometime before pero di siguro ako nagtagal. I'm now on yonipzone dot com if I missed episodes from my fave primetime Angelito. So far, with this site, okay nman at walang virus. Dun ka na lang nood. Baka much better pa.

Hopping here! It's been ages n kasi.

God bless!



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