Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enjoying The Outdoor

67 degrees Fahrenheit is the current temperature right here and I am outside tapping on my computer at the same time babysitting. So perfect to spend sometime out here in the backyard listening to the sound of airplane in the sky, chirping birds, dogs barking and watching my girls playing. The big girl is pushing her little sister back and forth using the stroller, perfect!

While writing this entry, I am also on Facebook exchanging comments with three friends talking about starting our garden early since the weather is just pretty good. I cannot wait for March to come, I can start planting the seeds anytime but I have to make sure it's not gonna get cold anymore so I will just wait for March. My garden is a mess right now. The husband took out all the soil in the barrels so if he's not gonna fix my garden, I will have to plant directly on the ground.

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