Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Disadvantaged" Shop Lifter Black Woman

I guess our day to go shopping yesterday at Hulen Mall wasn't our lucky day. Myself, my daughter and a friend Jazzmine went to the mall so full of excitement but that was cut short when an unthinkable thing happened right after an hour we were there. Our first stop was Macy's. I was so touched by her for she offered me to buy me a handbag as her gift to me, we went through a couple of bags before I found that handbag I really liked. A Kathy Van Zeeland satchel. After we paid for it, we headed to Old Navy right across the street, we bought a few things there for her and for my girls.

She was wearing a red coat and it felt so warm inside the store so I told her to take it off and jam it in the Macy's paper bag since it was big enough for her coat (she wanted to put our newly bought stuff all in the same bag and I stopped her for she would wrinkle her coat, if she insisted we could have lost all our items). She did. We crossed the street back to the main building of the mall and went directly to Body Central store. After picking some pretty clothes we went to their fitting room. We used the biggest one as it was vacant bringing all the stuff we bought from previous stores in that room. The sales woman heard there were two people in that fitting room and it wasn't allowed so Jazzmine moved to the other room to try fitting her chosen clothes. Her handbag along with that big Macy's bag were left in the room where I was.

It didn't take me long to finish for I only had a blouse to try on and a belt. So I grabbed our stuff that was on the chair in that room (thinking I had all our stuff in my hands) and left that cubicle, on my way out I saw a black woman just came in and asked me if I was also waiting for a vacant room and I said no, go ahead use the big one for I am done in there.

I never left the fitting room for my friend was still there and waited outside her door at the same time talking to her and my daughter. Unaware that I forgot to take with me the Macy's bag and I didn't realize that until Jazzmine was done trying on all at least 8 clothing. It took her a while to get out that room where she was at.

Then we were ready to check out until we both looked where the Macy's bag was. Oh oh! We realized we don't have it and the only place she could think of where she put it was in the big room I was using. The black woman was still in there so we knocked on the door saying "Is there a Macy's bag in there?" (we asked the wrong question, we could have said it this way "I forgot my Macy's bag inside, can I get it?"). She said no, Jazzmine went there and knocked then I called the sales woman and she knocked as well asking the same thing. After being knocked 3 times, that "disadvantaged" thief black woman got furious, opened the door and said straight to my eyes, "Are you accusing me?" and slammed the door on me. Our voices started to raise but I don't think it was loud enough to catch other shoppers' attention.

I am pretty sure she was the one who stole our stuff. She took her time in that freaking room putting the stuff in her big bag, my satchel was a small one so easy to put it in hers and fold the coat and baby sweater, put them in my satchel and VOILA! I never left the fitting room, not a second and that shop lifter never left the room also so I couldn't suspect anyone but her.

I should have insisted that she took it, I could have raised the pressure on her and demanded to open the bag or at least call the store manager and have him/her nicely ask to open her bag. BUT NO, we were scared of her. She was a big and FAT woman, what can skinny Asians do? We thought. I didn't do anything further because we didn't want to make a scene!

What is most disappointing and discouraging in that place is that two of the sales associates (also black women) didn't even care. We asked if there is a camera in the fitting room or at the entrance of the store but they said no. We were hopeless for I see no concern in their faces, they didn't care about their customers at all, didn't bother to call the thief prevention control or Satan to at least inform them what is going on. To think that Body Central is my most favorite place shopping for dresses, I was so heart broken of them.

We identified the suspect, we should have never let her leave the store until somebody will do something about it. We could have called the police at least and tell them there is a shop lifting in progress in that store. What if we've done that? Could she be arrested? Who knows she has a series of criminal records piled up.

For sure it wasn't the first time she did it and so unfortunate of us, we were victimized by her. I am also pretty sure that she will keep doing it and eventually get caught. Thief BLACK WOMAN doesn't deserve to be in the society... KARMA is a bitch, bitch! God is watching you.

I am so heart broken not because I care of the price of what we lost but because of the fact that some assholes did that to us!


Andy said...

A tough situation to be sure...I think store security could have been called and they could have checked her bags..but then since nothing is on camera they still don't have any proof to back up your suspicion.
Its bad all around, but its a learning lesson...there are a lot of low life people out there who will jump at the chance to take advantage of another.

momgen said...

Sorry to hear your experience...


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