Saturday, February 18, 2012

Smorty Is Vanished Along with my $$

This is so disappointing to know that one of the legitimate (that's what I thought) paid blogging sites I joined in from years back is gone along with my $104 worth of opportunities I made for them last December. I wrote to Smorty Support at least three times and each time they reply to me they would say the same thing. The short letter below proves how irresponsible they are. I first joined their force last 2007 and back then, opportunities were abundant and they paid their bloggers on time.


Recently a portion of bloggers have been removing older posts and we needed to hold the most recent payment to all bloggers we try to counter this fraudulent activity. The bloggers who is checked the posts are being paid. 


Last December 2011, there were a few pretty good tasks with reasonable payouts so I took advantage of it and wrote at least 8 or 9 tasks. Positive enough that I can be paid within two weeks, I grabbed another 2 more. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months nothing happened. Until one day... I COULD NO LONGER OPEN THEIR WEBSITE. I was shocked and almost in disbelief that they vanished and not paying the money I earned. How can they do such a thing? For sure there are many bloggers out there too waiting to be paid, right? Tell me I am not alone on this?


anne said...

Gurl naa bitaw ko ana tung una ug hala nakalimot naman ko until I read your post here. Buti na lang din at nd ko naalala lol... salamat sa pagbisita gurl

MharMS said...

You are not alone dai. Akoa gani daghan ko gihimo sa ila. Nahibung na lang ko nga wala pa man ko bayri then dili na ko kaopen sa ilang site. Ikaduha sa PayingPost mga piskot!



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