Friday, June 6, 2008


Oh thanks God it's Friday.I can sleep longer for 2 days.I can only delay waking up early during weekends for I don't have opps to chase.I love it when it's Friday so I can also do my household cleaning.A full basket of dirty clothes need to be washed today as well as rugs to vacuum but it can wait until Sunday.

It's Friday again,the day my husband is going to Starbucks and sit with his best buddy.I give him time to hangout with his friend because he never stopped me from going to my friends' house.Married life is like that,give and take should be established for a better relationship.

You guys have a happy Friday.I may see you in your blogs later.

1 comment:

kerslyn said...

How sweet of you dear. I also allow hubby provided that he informs me ahead of time about their boy's night out. Dili ko ganahan kung mo-text ra if naa na sya didto kuyog iya officemates.hmp.


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