Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Miss This Boy So Much!

It makes me "teary-eyed" remembering my happy moments together with my little siblings back home.I've been there for them since they were born,since they were just babies until nakamatngon sila ug buot.And then again,when I got married and had to leave them behind,I was the one who suffered the most for I so missed them.

During my first year here in US was a struggle.Everytime I talked to them,it makes me missed them even more hohohoh..

Attached is a photo taken during my husband's second visit in the Philippines. I am so glad I captured this photo of him because he looks so louy in this one.He was only 3 years old when I left him.

1 comment:

blank said...

i dont blame you to miss him,he is so cute.I felt the same way.saun man na distined man ta mahilayo sa atong mga minahal k nakakita man ta ug lain nga minahal but doesnt mean we dont love and miss them no more.


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