Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I never knew that playing pool online is a lot of fun.During my first few months here in the United States,pool online was one of my favorite things to do during my spare time.I could play this game for the whole 12 hours and not getting tired. It is just virtual and very entertaining.How much more if played realistically where you can see your real opponent?

When my father in law moved to Texas from California,my husband and I visit him too often and since there is a recreation center where he lives,pool is one of the games we can play there and was being taught and introduced by him and my husband.I find it very amusing and could play with them all along.

Speaking of pool or billiards as other call it,I stumble across this website called PoolDawg Review,from the name alone I can tell quickly that it is all about a retail store online that offers 2,100+ pool cues, billiards accessories, pool cue tools, billiard balls and gameroom supplies including darts and poker. So,if you are dreaming of setting up your own pool table,you can buy it on their site. Here is what is great about PoolDawg Review is that you can have free shipping when you buy them youe billiard accessories,orders must be $75 above before you can avail the free shipping. Make sure upon checkout that you buy stuff in bulk so you do not have to pay for the shipping cost.

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