Thursday, June 19, 2008

10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Partner

It's important to remember to take the time to appreciate our partners for the positive impacts they have made in our life. Without them our daily travails would feel that bit more difficult and our lives a little more unsatisfied. Show your partner just how thankful you are by using this list to leave a little note (or a few notes!) of thanks for them to find.

10. They are your best friend.
9. The sense of security you feel by being with them.
8. They make you feel beautiful and loved.
7. All the great times you have shared together.
6. When you are with them you never feel alone.
5. The sense of completeness you feel with them.
4. With your partner's support you feel like you can face or achieve anything.
3. You can be yourself around them.
2. They make you laugh.
1. They love you for who you are.


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