Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Gift to My Husband

I seldom give gifts to my husband when there's an occasion because I doubt he will like the stuff I give him.If I ask him what he wants,he would just say I don't need anything so don't bother give me something.Argsss..on Father's Day,I'd like him to know how nice it is to feel being a father once again and so I gave him these gifts ahead of time because he is working on Sundays.

Magic mug with photos of him and our baby and 4 pcs. wooden coasters.
The photos in the mug will be clearly visible once you pour a hot drink in the mug and it disappear when it cools down. He said a big thank you,Honey after giving these stuff to him.


Pinay WAHM said...

Galing galing ni Mommy. Ay naku..don't bother asking. Ako bibili lang if I find something na personalized like yung Magic Mug mo. I also gave the Dad a mug a few years ago...pero hindi magic...hehe. Ayaw gamitin so he just puts it on his desk sa werk nya.

Happy father's day to your Big Daddy in the house!

Mommy J

Nora P. said...

thanks for the visit and comment. Nice gifts you gave for your hubby. Ako longsleeve ra hatag ko sa akong hubby. Not much but atleast I gave him something. happy na sya ato oy hehee. Din we cooked steaks 4 dinner so oking ok na.Ingat!

marites1034 said...

oy, that's a very nice personalized gift:) happy father's day!

Anonymous said...


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Em said...

Wow very nice... great choice..


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