Friday, June 20, 2008

Cockroach I Don't Like You

Of all the insects that I hate to see is the cockroach.It is just so yucky and nakapandidiri in tagalog.I had an experience before at age 6 that I chewed a stripe cockroach near our stove and thought it was a dried fish's tail and so I put it in mouth.It was so crunchy yes,but the juice in its body crashed and oh ewwww kabaho atod ayo.I throw up because of that.Until now I can't forget that incident that made me hate cockroach so much.

Summer is the season when roach will come out.Everytime I see one around here,I would scream to death and will never go back to that place where I saw the roach until it is being captured by my husband.

1 comment:

laura said...

hahaha hubby ko naman takot sa cockroach nagtatago ako ang taga patay d lumalabas til dko natapon.


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