Friday, June 13, 2008

3 Colors

It is such an interesting fact to know that in this household,there are 3 people living in it with 3 different colors but altogether united as a small family with love and harmony.

We as Deden's parents,we make sure we get to spend sometime with our baby together even just for couple of minutes.One time,I just thought of grabbing the camera while my mag-ama were playing and saw my baby's arm on her dad's belly.It looked different on there,I mean the color.

I asked my husband to put his arm as well as mine next to the baby's arm so I can take a photo and amazing how it looks.3 arms,3 different colors,white,dark and tan.


haze said...

Mao nay the best combination gats. Diay happy weekend!

Josh of Arabia said...

hi sweety. txs for showing up again..yah namiss ko nga rin ang site mo i remember ur the first one i knew from the bisdak planet..

so far trying the best way to maintain mine.
you're baby's getting bigger and cute-r, my rgds to ur family..

pls keep me posted.



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