Friday, June 29, 2012

Yves Delorme Kimono Style Bathrobe

I have always been wanting to buy me a bathrobe to use right every after shower or just for use when lounging around during cold winter days but I never seem to get around to it. I have looked for a few on the internet before but guess what? My attention for browsing for bathrobes always get diverted into something else, something that feeds my addiction and forgot about what I'm really looking for in the first place. 

When I checked my email just a few minutes ago, I received an advertisement in my inbox that led me to this beautiful website that sells really gorgeous, comfortable, soft and really cozy looking yves delorme, towels, hand towels and other bathroom stuff that caught my attention. I love how the bathrobe looks and the design not to mention the colors as well. 

This specific bathrobe I am eyeing at right now is a Kimono style Bathrobe, jacquard reverse facing with polka dot pattern and in light aqua color. Just so pretty and I can't almost take my eyes off these robes. Photo attached above is what I am talking about. They also have matching towels which can be great if I can own them... someday in the future haha. For now, I just have to content my eyes watching these beautiful stuff for I don't have the money to buy luxurious robes like Yves Delorme.

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