Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dressing Comfortably In Summer

So this is it! It is now officially summer. You could feel the searing heat in the afternoon than the past days. Even early in the morning, you could feel the difference from Spring morning temperatures than of Summer's. I was out there  this morning spent an hour watering my flower beds and I tell you what, it was 84 degrees F at 8 in the morning. Yes, that's how hot it is here now.

However, there are small ways to beat the uncomfortable Summer heat. If you don't have a ground pool outside, buy an inflatable one at the store or stay indoor if you don't have business to do outside. Secondly, is dress comfortably and lightly. Being comfortable doesn't have to comprise your style. You can still be stylish and still comfortable by choosing the appropriate clothes. Bright colored sundresses, tank tops, short shorts, flowy skirts and flip flops, sandals/ wedges are commonly worn in Summer. Personally, layering is a no no for me, that can wait a little later when the temperatures cool down or in early Fall.

Be cool guys and drink plenty of water!!

........ photos by yours truly looking good... feeling good with my suppah comfy simple Summer outfit....

1 comment:

forsythea said...

Not only comfortable dai pwerte sang angayana oy! Sexy ayo tan-awon mommy oy mura man dalagita!


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