Thursday, June 21, 2012

Decades Behind

I came from the country where everything is done manually. I would say, my homeland  is decades behind from America or other developed countries, they are just way too behind in all ways! While it is great I have experienced living a poor life because I am able to appreciate all the conveniences I am experiencing now in America  wouldn't it be awesome if the Philippines would improve too?

I can name a lot of differences from there to here if you want. But first, don't react harshly because what I am going to say are just facts. For those who are able to get out of the country, experienced working abroad not necessarily in America, UK, Canada or Australia they know how far behind our country is.

First example is that a lot of people in the Philippines are still using incandescent bulbs in their homes, my family including this while here in America, technology is moving fast. LED guitar lights, art LED lighting and even direct wire LED under cabinet lighting are seen in some new houses across US.

Second, they still use what we call "dirty kitchen" where fire woods and dark pots are used for cooking or heating food. Thirdly, old bulky back computer monitors (although there are some who are already using the flat screen technology), television sets that suck out your energy when prolong usage of t.v is done., refrigerators that use a lot of energy,toilet bowls with no seats and no automatic flush, turtle-slow dial up or cable internet services and a whole lot more. I can go on forever naming things that are still used in households that should have been replaced a long time ago but I don't want to bore you with that so I must stop right here.

I am just one of the luckiest individuals who has given the opportunity to see and experience both sides of the world and I am so thankful to God for that and everything else that He has poured into me everyday.

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