Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Is My Life!

Undeniably motherhood is great and can be fun most of the time especially if you are paid back with the sweetest genuine smile from your baby. Ah just takes all the worries away. This is how we are everyday in our normal days. Wherever I go, the baby would surely follow me even if I am doing business in the bathroom. That is very okay though, it is flattering she wants me all the time, lol. 

Photo captured by my eldest one day while I was cooking, I carried her at the same time stirring the soup and slicing the veggies. If I am not cooking, I'd do the dishes and rest assured she'll be down on the floor hugging my legs waiting for mommy to be done with her work. 

Right now as I'm tapping on the computer trying to finish this entry, you can guess that she is on my lap sitting pretty so close to mommy!

1 comment:

A Soldier's Wife said...

That's what an awesome mommy and wife do! =)


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