Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Top 5 Things All the Money in the World Can't Buy You

There are a lot of great things in this world that money can buy you. You can get clothes, cars, houses, jewelry and great security systems that can protect the things you own. You can buy electonic equipment and take classes until you have unbelievable knowledge and the technology to do a lot with it. However, all of this will only take you so far.
On the other side of things, there are also things that money can't ever buy. While you can always find a gold digger or a professional to help with most things, there are many things in life at the core that all the wealth on earth can do very little about. The following are a few of the biggest things that no amount of money has found any known solution for. When you play the Rewardit Sweepstakes, keep in mind that you can win wonderful things, but not everything.

1. Love
You can hire a match maker and you can pay for great nights out, but you can't make anyone love you with any amount of money. In the same vein, you can't make yourself love someone you just aren't attracted to, no matter how much you try and delude yourself.

2. Happiness
Are you really happy, or are you just buying a bunch of junk hoping that it will make you happy? The overwhelming likelihood is that the former is what is really going on if every purchase makes you feel a little bit emptier.

3. Peace of Mind
If fear runs your life, no amount of money is going to run it out. Fear and insecurity are things you have to deal with inside, as they can't be smothered from the outside. Like water freezing and breaking up bricks, they will erode any monetarily built sense of confidence after enough time passes.

4. Friendship
Your real friendships are not based on money. You can take your friends out for something fun, and it isn't about the transaction. It's about having fun and having each other's backs. No amount of money can ever buy a friendship like the kind you can forge with listening, understanding and the mutual support that costs nothing at all.

5. Unending Life
So far, even the richest people in the world have eventually succumbed to death. While medical science may one day halt the aging process and create a fountain of youth, it hasn't yet. For now, all you can do is eat reasonably, exercise regularly, and stay positive. 
There are some things money can't buy. Fortunately, these are things that do not have to cost you a cent. With a little bit of work and some actual care, you can build the things that matter the most in life. With a good contest, you can win almost everything else. 

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