Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tasks Waiting On My Birthday

I couldn't be more thankful to God today for giving me another  year of my life. Today I celebrate my 29th birthday and started my day with a little prayer thanking Him for I am still alive, in great physical and mental health. I would want nothing on my birthday but just go on with my day, finish my online tasks and hopefully receive more to do today.

I have already told my husband what I want to do this weekend. I just want to satisfy my craving for seafood so off the the Chinese buffet we go hopefully tomorrow. I am just a person that is easy to please, no drama, no nonsense and most of all happy atlhough problems get into me sometimes. So for myself, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNE! Lol.

1 comment:

A Soldier's Wife said...

Happy Birthday Anne =) Wish You all the best for you and your family, God Bless! =)


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