Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When Her Birthday Comes

My second baby girl is almost 8 months old. Yes, she is that old now. Not long ago two of my close friends threw a baby shower party for me. I did not have any plans of having such party for you know, when you are pregnant, you feel heavy and tired all the time. Luckily, these two friends of mine thought so much about me. They were the ones responsible giving out baby shower invitations in my behalf, cooked foods for the party, brought color pink balloons, made me a diaper cake and took care of listing down all the baby shower gifts from generous people. I felt loved and lucky I have them around me. In fact, I did not know I am having a baby shower party. It was a surprise to me. When I got to their house, everybody showed up and I was like, what is this all about? It was indeed a surprised party for me hehe.

The shower party was at the right time because four days after that I gave birth. Who would have thought that the baby decided to come out 2 weeks before the due date. I was glad she did for she did not prolong my agony of carrying my big tummy everyday, thank goodness. Anyway, when she was born, I only did my birth announcements through Facebook for I wasn't prepared for the early labor. Yes, that happened almost 8 months ago. Times fly so quick indeed. In a few months, baby girl number two will be celebrating her first year of life but I have no plan of sending away birthday invitations and would probably celebrate her first birthday at home with just my family.

I don't normally hold a big party whoever celebrates a birthday in this family. I don't know, I am not just ready to be cooking for people at the same time look after my two girls. I just don't have the power to do that. On the other hand, I love attending birthday parties. Yes, I can very well do that but if the party is for me to make and to be held in our house? Nah uh, I am not in favor with the idea. Sounds weird and selfish I know but it's just me.

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