Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music I Love

Growing up as a kid, I learned to love listening to music. It is one of my favorite hobbies until college. During my high school days, my life was a bit different from other teenagers because they loved hanging out with a lot of friends and go to discos, drink and smoke. I did have friends but not so many. I was picky and I chose the kind of friends I hanged out with. I only chose those who have had the same interests as me. I loved listening to pop Western music a lot so did my friends. So when we talked about foreign bands, we all can relate with each other. There was so much happiness and excitement there when we all sat together on a bench under the tree and talk about music and favorite boy bands endlessly.

One of our crazy obsessions was Eminem. We just thought he was such a good-looking guy, he had pretty awesome Eminem songs that almost everybody liked it especially young people like us! Because we were poor, the only way we can listen to the songs we love was through a big radio from a neighbor whose volume is so loud that you can hear it three or four houses down or borrow a classmate's walk-man. Walk-man is a traditional version of digital mp3 players.

Anyhow, those were just good memories I shared with my friends a couple years back. Life has changed now. I am now married, living in America and can afford to buy a really good music accessory or music gadget in order to listen to the music. Yes, fortunately I got an ipod. In it, are just over 200 songs although mine is capable of storing music over 2,000 songs. I don't have so many songs in my itunes yet, that is why. Most of the songs I have right now are love/classical songs, a few discos and pop. I do have one from Lady Gaga and I plan of buying more Lady Gaga songs and Pink songs. Their songs are not the kind of songs I usually listen to but I feel like I am getting tired of listening to the usual genre so I think it's time to buy their songs for a change. It is like getting out of my comfort zone to explore what is out there. I cannot wait for the weekend and browse for Lady Gaga and Pink's songs to download in my itunes and hopefully listen to them on my ipod.

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