Thursday, March 1, 2012

Angels Around Me

Angels are sent by God on Earth to help us. We may not realize it but they are always there for us, willing to lend their helping hands, comforting and protecting us and most of all offering good deeds without expecting anything in return. They come in a form of our friends, parents, siblings or even complete strangers, people whose jobs are to save other people's lives or even policemen. Policemen especially are sent by God on Earth to protect His people putting their own safety at risk just to keep them safe and put criminals or bad guys off the streets... (Lucky me I married one and I am one proud cop wife hehe).

As to my friends... how do they become angels to me? During difficult/confusing times or when times I felt my blogs were in danger, 3 friends helped me to get started with hosting contributing their ideas or knowledge in order for me to make things done right. Four heads (including me) joined forces together , exchanging information about how to do this and that or what needs to be done so my blogs will be set up. Thanks to them. If it weren't because of them, I don't know if I can ever do it or if I ever learn the knowledge of transferring my domains to another company or get a hosting without paying someone else to do it for me.

Yes, it almost made me crazy and I almost lost my patience because I find it very confusing at first but then when I started to put the puzzle pieces together, that is when I realized it was so easy. I don't regret it I've undergone such process for I learned so much from it. To my friends who helped me with the best of their ability MY MILLION THANKS TO YOU ALL! Needless to mention your names for I know you know who you are!!! Life is beautiful having good friends to keep me company in ordinary times and help me when I'm in desperate needs!

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Kangaroo said...

Tama jud na day! nindut sad ning makatabang ta or magshare sa kaalam para happy tanan. God bless gwapa!


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