Monday, March 19, 2012

It Was So Scary To Watch!

Myself and my two other friends had a scare this afternoon when we went out walking going to a pond one block from our house. All of our three babies were in the strollers except for my Jadyn who rode her bike going there. When we came to the end of our block, the road is elevated, the wind was blowing so strong and hard. She was going fast being blown away by the wind and to top of it all, she was going downhill.

It happened so quick, I was just a few feet away from her back when all of the sudden her bike ran very fast and she was carried away by the wind. One of my friends ran after her but she was just going so fast that she couldn't keep up with her. God was watching her at that time and I am pretty certain of that for if He didn't, something worst could happen to Jadyn. Fortunately, there wasn't a single car passing by at that time when that happened or if there was, God knows what could happen to my child. I was so scared that I just watched her going away and couldn't say a word. I was completely speechless!

Although she drove fast, panicking, screaming and scared...she was still able to hold on to her bike handle bars and kept it straight until she bumped into the curb that threw her onto the grassy yard. Thank You, Lord for keeping my child safe today. She got nothing except maybe a slight sprain in her right wrist. I hope it is not something major for I hate the idea of her going to the hospital or getting an x-ray.

We were so nervous afterwards. Wow it was just so quick, so scary and nerve-wracking experience for all of us. Somebody on Facebook advice me to let my child wear a helmet and padding everytime she gets in her bike. I should have thought about that a long time ago. Lord, I THANK YOU FOR KEEPING MY DAUGHTER PROTECTED TODAY! I am very happy You were at her side and her angel as well.

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rona said...

Oh I was so relieved that nothing harmful happened to your girl. Thank God that she was protected. The Lordis really good. Yeah, your friend is right. Better buy her gears to protect her more. I hope that she wasn't traumatized of what happened. god bless you sis and may God always keep your family safe.


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