Thursday, March 15, 2012

She Broke Something

Yikes, my first born just came to me and said she broke the turtle light that was on the baby's crib. I went there and checked it out, it truly is broken. She broke the bulb that was in the turtle's belly. How did that happen? Only the girl knows. Fortunately, the baby is unharmed, she is in the crib when that incident happened just a few minutes ago. The big sister must have dropped it for I see the bulbs broken pieces on the carpet. I am yet to clean the mess and hopefully I'll be able to find all the small pieces there so nobody would get hurt if somebody would step on it.

Okay, I really must go now. The baby is whining and crying again wanting my attention and also to clean up the mess that the big girl made. See yah later my dear blogs! I need a break anyway for I am tired mentally and physically. I might bring the girls for a walk later and get some fresh air. The weather is so nice, it would be awful not to spend some time outside.

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