Friday, March 9, 2012

Bank Of America's Choking High Monthly Maintenance Fee

For months I paid Bank of America's choking monthly maintenance fee for $14 a month. If I didn't ask my friend about this thing, I wouldn't know that there is a solution to this. It felt heavy on me since I don't have direct deposit to my account, I don't have a job! I am paying more to the bank than what I paid for my one year hosting for my blogs. I don't think that is fair. Do I have to pay them such amount only to have an account from them? No way!

I now switched to e-banking which eradicated the fee. But with this kind of service, there are restrictions that come with it. I can't go to the teller etc... I forgot what those others are...but that is very fine with me as long as I don't have to pay that burden anymore. Why did I not call them long time ago so to fix the problem? If they are gonna charge you with a fee, they can do it for just a matter of seconds but then when you call to their customer service, you will be put on hold for like FOREVER...geez!

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Pearl said...

Hi! Someone I know pulled out/closed her account from Bank of America and transferred it to a local Credit Union. They are not charging anything and has a higher interest rate.


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