Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pet Care

We do have a dog that is mixed Chihuahua, part Pekinese and Duchsund. She is a small dog yet very active but despite of her being so naughty and playful, we all love her especially my husband. He treats the dog as one of her daughters and this dog of ours feels like she is human, she is a child and she feels that she is well-loved by her family.

We have had this dog for 4 years now. Looking at her baby and old pictures, I can tell she has grown a lot since she came to join our family 4 years ago. Chihuahuas are usually very active and since she is part Chihuahua she just can't sit and relax especially when there are people in the house. We believed that she is going to calm down when she gets old but we don't see that happening. Another irritating habit she does is that she barks a lot in the house whenever there are people walking outside or somebody knocking on our door.

However, this dog of ours is so precious! She became Jadyn's bestfriend. I tell you they are like sisters too, they play together, run together and most of all lick each other's mouth lol. Chicha is her name, she is one healthy dog but I cannot be sure if she is totally clean eventhough she is an inside dog for when she goes outside who knows what she eats out there?

We keep our dog happy and healthy by bringing her to a veterinarian once in a while. Oh by the way, she is due with her vaccine soon and for that this is going to be another over a hundred dollar bill once she gets out of the veterinary clinic. It truly is expensive having a pet but with Frontline Plus for dogs, hopefully it helps us ease the burden of high bills. I will tell my husband about this so he can register our dog to this program.

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