Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Boys Clothes

Three of my friends that are in my Facebook list are pregnant with baby boys! How awesome. Three of them are first time mommy-to-be. I plan of sending one of them some new baby boys clothes as a gift. I know it feels so good when you have somebody actually thinking about your unborn child. I have been so blessed with good friends around giving me plenty of baby girl outfits during my baby shower so this being said, I would like to return the favor, the kindness and thoughtfulness they've showed me when I was still pregnant with my two girls.

Cute baby boys clothes can be bought anywhere or online. It shouldn't be hard on me to pick which one to send. If I were to give clothing, I want it 3 sizes up than the actual age of the baby because you know babies grow like weeds. They outgrow their clothes so fast. Before you know it, some of the new outfits given to you for newborn won't fit anymore when they reach 3 months old.

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