Monday, January 30, 2012

Making beautiful with what we have

Guest post written by Chelsea Linderman

Moving into our dream little house has made our budget for interior design shrink a little bit. The house is a fixer upper. We love that type of stuff, but that also means that we have to be better and more creative with our budget. Well, one thing that I've taken advantage of in decorating our place has been using old furniture that we already had or has been passed down to us.

While I was looking up some info on how to reupholster some of that furniture to give it a fresh, new look, I ran across some info on kitchen remodeling and decided to Click Here to get more info on it. That's one of the things that we were going to fix up in the house and that's something that I'd rather somebody else handle.

I'll just work on things like painting and reupholstering furniture as my part of the household makeover. My husband's pretty handy with things like putting up crown molding. Not so much installing cabinets and plumbing.

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