Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enough Supply Of Water

There were a few times last year we were shocked at how surprising our water bills were. I think last Summer was the hottest and the longest drought we have experienced here in North Texas forcing several cities to restrict people from watering their yard twice a week. Even here in Edgecliff Village, we were under restriction number two due to long drought. Poor were the plants in my garden and our yard just looked so brown and horrible. No matter how we wanted to water them as often as we could but we just can't do that.

I hope this year it won't be too bad as last year's and it would be a good idea to stock up rain barrels in preparation for summer so we will have enough supply of water for our garden and our yard. For sure rain water barrels aren't so expensive so we should find no excuse not to buy rain barrels for sale because this will save us some money on our water bill.

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