Monday, January 30, 2012

A Friend's Visit

So nice of this girl I knew through the internet, the popular social networking site called Facebook introduced by a college buddy and then she came visited me and my kids last Saturday. Who would have thought that I could meet her in person? She lives in San Francisco, California and I am here in Texas, sounds kinda far but if one person is interested to make it happen, there should be no excuses no alibis, there is a big way to make it happen!

Thankss to you Apol for taking the time to come by here and share dried fish and squid with me. next time again, ayaw tagam ha?

1 comment:

bbtoo said...

How nice of her naman sis. Wow she live in San Francisco? I live in San Francisco din. Pwede introduce na man :-) looking for a friend na close lang dri ay. If its ok lang sis ha :-)

P.S your kids are so adorable. Have a nice day


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