Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IT Recruitment Agency

I remember I had this very timid, shy and loved to be alone classmate of mine in high school. He was a silent type of student yet smart. After graduating high school and parted ways with my classmates I didn't hear anything any of them until Facebook bound us together again and reconnected me with them. Ten years since our last day in high school I heard from this boy again. He was no longer a boy I used to know for he had grown into a young successful man working in IT related job in New Zealand. And to top of it all, he is now a father and I guess living permanently in NZ. How nice of him to be able to improve his life and has a big time and permanent job!

While those braggart and often noisy, loud mouth classmates we had are still living in the same place they grew up, meaning their lives have not improved a thing except of course they work at local lending company or at an industry that recruits high school graduate only. I heard some were trying to work for IT jobs in Australia and applied at an IT recruitment agency hoping they could get out of the country for a greener pasture. I wish them luck and I hope they will be as lucky as the timid boy who is now successful in his IT career.

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