Monday, June 25, 2007


I am glad Ivy still remember me and giving me this tag. I surely do this with an open arms for you Ives.

This is kinda interesting huh hibaw-an jud sulod sa utok.

Unforgettable Dream
Who could forget dreaming about drowning and being saved by Howie Dorough and being mouth to mouth resuscitation by Nick Carter? both are BSB members.

2. Scary Dream
Always have scary dreams..most of them are reoccuring dreams like being chased by a cadaver in a coffin. My goodness of all people nga nag bilar why is it always me being chased by them they're not? so scary huh because no matter how hard you try to run fast and hide,the more it is impossible for you to do it in a dream.

3. Funny Dream
I believe I have had lots but I forgot.

4. Dream House
A castle like house,medium sized and with a terrace overlooking the ocean..

Dream Celebrity Date (foreign or local)
Before I used to fantasize dating all handsome and young Hollywood stars but not anymore. I'd rather date my genius baby rather than those idiot brainless stars.

6. Dream Job
Being in a career that I love the most with full benefits and lifetime insurance.

Dream you had last night
My father scared me to death because he chased me and throw up in front of me which I hate so much because it is yucky. I ran so fast but he can keep up with me and throw up..Disgusting.

8. Dream for yourself
Nah, was dreaming of having a chance to be a one time model but I know it is impossible so I'd rather MAGPUYO.

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aesia said...

hehe kuyaw ayo ka ug mga dreams no naka L2L man gyud nimo ang mga BSB members. ug daghan man sad diay ka na dream na mga scary.agoy kadto akoa dli gyud nako maka limtan ug maka panlibawt pa gyud sa akong balhibo..mahadlok gihapon ko ay.


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