Friday, June 22, 2007

Bored today

I am bored and a bit disappointed today. So far I have not gotten any opps from PPP and here I am just discovered that I needed to post a personal entry in between each PPP post..grrr

I have been posting lotta entries lately and without knowing it is one of their requirements to do such.

I don't know how am I gonna fix this? ANy one who has a kind heart to help me in this?

1 comment:

haze said...

I delete na gats kay dili nana nimo ma insertan ug in between post.Dapat mag leave ka ug blank space in between aron naa kay space for personal..mao na ako gbuhat if magdali ko aron maka grab ug opps.Diba i reject na nila?Just click edit then resubmit,pero sa dili pa i delete usa moha entry ug i post ug usab kanang duna nay in between post.Try lang ug usab sa imoha mga post i-adjust ba


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