Thursday, July 19, 2012

"The Best Birthday Ever!" She Said

I was tickled to my veins when I heard my first born saying, "this is the best birthday party I ever had". She said that while she was alone sitting in the kitchen facing the cake and all the stuff. She said it with emotion! I then told her, no that is not true! Don't you remember those 4 great birthdays you had with lots of visitors, barbie dolls and food? She then replied, "oh yeah!". 

Silly girl. She is already experiencing forgetfulness at age 4, haha. I tried reminding her of the past birthday celebrations she had so she wouldn't think that it's only her baby sister getting the best birthday ever! Huh, in a kid's eyes our celebration today was the best but for me it was just so simple and exclusive for my family,   well except for their next door playmate who came to sing the song with us.

I only cooked my baby spaghetti for long life and that's it. A cake, a box of mini magnum ice cream, one Barbie doll as my present to her and a monkey stuff toy from Isabella and that is it. Nothing fancy, really.

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