Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Blanket Is Baby Megan's Comfort

I just thought of my baby playing with a baby blanket whenever she is awake is such a joy to watch. Her cute little fingers stroking, playing and feeling the softness of her blanket. This specific blanket used to be her big sister's blanket. Amazing how she finds comfort with this blanket, she would feel comfortable sleeping with it wrap around her body even if it is mid summer. I wonder how is she going to behave when we go to travel this weekend and not bringing her precious and sacred blanket?

I must have chosen the right kind of blanket for my girls because they both like it. Although there are several kinds of blankets we can buy out there, it is important too to read tips when choosing appropriate for our kids' ages. I am thankful for the internet because I can pretty much search helpful information and tips that I can read and eventually share with my readers.

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