Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kids Clothing Are So Cute

It happened to me several times when I go out for shopping for myself I end up buying clothes for my two girls. Same thing if I do it online. At first I would browse for dresses or handbags but then for some reason I couldn't check out with adult stuff instead beautiful and cute outfits for my two girls, why is that? I think it is not just me that is so enticed shopping for designer kids clothing in stores or online but most moms too. I have talked to several friends I know who are also moms, they said the same thing.

Children's clothing are just so cute that they are hard to resist. Whenever I see one online especially if it is on sale, I am tempted to buy it to make my girls look pretty in their outfit and also for them to have many dresses as they can for I never have it when I was growing up.

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Frances said...

I know the feeling dear - whenever I look out to buy clothes for myself, I find myself stopping at the designer kids clothes section. These clothes are not just stylish, they're also comfortable to wear and my kids just enjoy the fabric so much!


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